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Athens, Georgia

Since 1974


Our compositors have individual experiences ranging from 10 to 35 years in the typesetting and publishing field.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the level of in-depth care each project receives.


Complicated design, heavily illustrated, complex equations, XML first workflow, Scribe's WFDW, eBook conversion—GCI can handle it all!

Home Grown

All work at GCI is done in the United States. We're based in Athens, Georgia, and we never outsource our work outside of the US.

Who We Are

G raphic Composition, Inc. (GCI) is a full-service typesetting and prepress provider. We provide high quality typesetting services, pre-press publishing services, and modern electronic book conversion services (including e-pub, xml, and pdf conversions) to major university presses and commercial publishers. Founded in 1974, GCI has a history of excellence and innovation, combining uncompromising quality and painstaking attention to detail with the latest technical innovations in the book production industry.

O ur typesetting department has members with over 35 years of individual experience. Our quality and attention to detail meet the rigorous standards of prestigious university presses and journals. Having produced work for university presses, national journals, and museums including the Smithsonian, we're capable and ready to meet any of your composition, typesetting, or publishing needs. Our services are 100% domestic, and our skilled production staff at our Athens, Georgia facilities are available for direct contact throughout the production process.

A t GCI, we don't just keep up with the cutting edge of typesetting, we push that edge forward. From custom font kerning in the '80s and '90s to proprietary ways to make today's digital typesetting tools faster, more accurate, and more efficient, GCI is always looking for that next step forward. And we keep that edge moving by involving every employee in that search for progress. The quest for innovation at GCI is an open forum, where ideas from one of our staff can be explored, refined, and then put into practice by the entire company. Timesaving measures, new services, or better ways of approaching old problems are continually being developed and implemented. Everyone here is working together to make sure that YOU receive the best service available.

What We Offer


If you need a little extra polish for your manuscript, our professional copyeditors are available to help make it shine. We'll check your manuscript for clarity, fluency, consistency, spelling, grammar, etc. We'll also cross-check any internal references or citations, and make sure that your book follows a specific style guide (AP, APA, Bluebook, Chicago, or any other you request). Our professional editors are experienced with a wide range of book styles, from novels written in local dialects to math-intensive treatises on economics, to medical or psychological guides. For some topics we can also offer substantive editing, involving reorganization of materials and/or partial rewriting.


We offer comprehensive book design services, inside and out. Cover design, placement and/or creation of artwork, page design including choice of fonts, size/weight, subheads, lists—you name it, we've got it covered. Our skilled in-house designer will work with you so the look of your book reflects its content as well as its audience. Simple or ornate, pocket or coffee table, we'll create a design that's right for your project.


Once your manuscript is finalized, we'll take it from a raw document into book pages. We use the industry-leading Adobe InDesign software to produce uniform, professional-looking pages, carefully matching design specifications and desired page count. We can accommodate pages of any complexity, and can quickly make adaptations to a design if needed. We pay careful attention to consistency, letter fit, and overal page appearance, and it shows. A page of type from Graphic Composition, Inc., represents the very best in typesetting, combining classic attention to detail with modern speed and following industry best practices in pagination and typesetting.

Quality Control

Your project is important to you. It's also important to us. That's why we review everything that we produce. Every page. Every edit. We check them to make sure they're done right. We check to make sure no text has been deleted (or added) accidently. We check to make sure each page matches your design. We check to make sure that best practices in typesetting are followed, no pages with just a single line of text, no oddly spaced out paragraphs, no text that's unreadably tight.


Graphic Composition, Inc. has an in-house graphic designer with over a decade of experience ready to assist with all of your art-related needs. From conversion of art into press-acceptable color spaces and file formats; scanning art from drawings, photographs, slides, or film negatives; repairing damaged art (worn, torn, or stained photographs, reducing moire patterns); or recreating graphs from scratch based on rough drawings or low-quality originals, we can handle almost everything. Our graphics designer will also keep you aware of any art issues that may cause problems later in the publishing process, such as images being too small or too low-resolution for printing.


Graphic Composition, Inc. can provide digital .pdf proofs for you to review. If you prefer, we can provide high-quality physical proofs, with accurate measurements. We can provide options for black & white or color proofs, heavier paper stock if needed, physical CD/DVD/flash media or electronic files via email, ftp, or direct html download link. We typically ship physical proofs or disks via Federal Express or USPS. If time is of the essence, expedited shipping is available! (Please note that overnight, priority overnight, first overnight, or weekend delivery availability may vary by your location.) If your project needs proofs shipped to contributing authors overseas, we can handle that directly, if needed.


When providing final files, each and every page is carefully checked against previous approved passes to make sure that there are never any unintentional changes to your files. Every press-ready document that we send is carefully checked with the same preflight software used by modern presses (Enfocus PitStop Professional 13). Color range issues, low resolution art, font incompatibilites, we'll catch them here before your book goes to press, so there will be fewer delays at the press. Any digital versions of your book will be created from the approved final version of your book, so your project will be consistent from hardcover to computer to pocket reader. No surprises.


Have a book that was previously set in software other than InDesign? Graphic Composition, Inc. offers a variety of file conversion and extraction services for your project. We can convert Quark ExPress files to InDesign. We can retrieve usable text from PDF files, Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, LaTeX, LyX, and a wide range of other sources. We can handle art file conversion, editing, or rasterization from any source. Using tables or graphs created with Excel? We can convert those into usable, press-ready art or extract the table data to set in a style matching the rest of your book design. Map files in .eps format? Scalable vector images? We'll use industry-leading software to convert your art into a usable format while retaining its original quality and clarity.

XML & E-books

XML? We speak that. Graphic Composition, Inc. is proficient in a wide range of XML-focused production. From XML-first standards like Scribe's Well-Formed Document Workflow to massive XML coding of existing texts like the Documentary History of the First Federal Congress, GCI can convert your book to a modern, flexible XML format with coding as light or as detailed as your project needs.

E-book? E-pub? Mobi? We speak those, too! With our experience converting titles to .epub and .mobi formats, GCI can take your files and provide you with a clean, professional quality e-book. We use InDesign for our e-book conversions, ensuring that links and cross-links don't go missing and that the e-book's design closely mimics the print version. All of our e-book files are meticuliously checked in the latest version of iBooks for iPad.

All jobs, all sizes

We handle books and projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. Novels to scientific textbooks, pocket guides to encyclopedias, one page reprint corrections to multiple volume series stretching thousands of pages. With over fourteen thousand projects under our belt, Graphic Composition, Inc. can handle whatever you can bring us.

Made in the USA

All work at Graphic Composition, Inc. is done in the United States. We're based in Athens, Georgia (home to the University of Georgia), and we never outsource our work to anyone outside of the US. Front to back, our workflow is red, white, and blue.

Graphic Composition, Inc. has had the honor to typeset the latest three editions of the Chicago Manual of Style, one of the definitive guides to book makeup and editing.

Notable Customers & Projects

  • University of Chicago Press
  • Columbia University
  • University of Georgia Press
  • Johns Hopkins University Press
  • University of Nevada Press
  • Northwestern University Press
  • Smithsonian Institution Press
  • Texas A&M University Press
  • University Press of Virginia
  • University of Wisconsin Press
  • American Bar Association
  • Hoover Institute Press
  • Fordham University Press
  • Duke University Press
  • University of Alaska
  • Liberty Fund, Inc
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Language Files
  • Papers of Thomas Edison
  • Documentary History of the First Federal Congress
  • National Bureau of Economic Research series
  • Wheelock's Latin
  • Texas A&M University Press, in association with the Smithsonian Instution Press: Kennewick Man: The Scientific Investigation of an Ancient American Skeleton, Douglas W. Owsley and Richard L. Jantz
  • Hoover Insititute Press: Boris Pasternak: Family Correspondence, 1921-1960, Maya Slater and Nicolas Pasternak Slater (Winner of the Interior Award at the 2010 BookBuilders West Book Show)
  • University of Georgia Press: Confederate Odyssey: The George W. Wray Jr. Civil War Collection at the Atlanta History Center, Gordon Jones & Jack Melton Jr
  • Texas A&M University Press: USS Monitor: A Historic Ship Completes Its Final Voyage, John D. Boradwater
  • Texas A&M University Press: Houston's Hermann Park: A Century of Community, Alice (Barrie) M. Scardino Bradley and Doreen Stoller

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